Big Dawg Smokers Hancrafted Barrel Smokers

  • Proudly Handcrafted In The USA

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  • 100% Natural Aged Wine Oak Smoking Chunks

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  • 100% Natural Apple Smoking Chunks

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Proudly Handcrafted In The USA

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100% Natural Aged Wine Oak Smoking Chunks

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100% Natural Apple Smoking Chunks

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Who Is Big Dawg Smokers?

Big Dawg Smokers Was Started In Southern California By A Father & Son In 2017. Grandpa Big Dawg Made The First Wine Barrel Smoker As A Chrstmas Gift For Papa Big Dawg Many Years Ago. Our Family Fell In Love With It Because Of The Amazing, Flavorful And Tender BBQ It Made Everytime. In 2017 Papa Big Dawg And Big Dawg Jr Decided That Every Person Needs To Be Introduced To This Amazing BBQ Experience. We Proudly Handcraft Our Wine Barrel Smokers In Southern California. We Believe So Strongly That Every Person Should Experience This One Of A Kind BBQ Smoker That We Offer Free Shipping On Our Handcrafted Wine Barrel Smokers. Give Us A Try And We Know You Will Be Converted To A Wine Barrel BBQ Believer. Big Dawg Smokers. Enrich, Enhance and Enjoy.


Big Dawg Smokers Barrel Smoker is the best smoker/grill I have ever purchased. When I started my search for a new smoker/grill, I went to all of the local stores to find nothing but overpriced smokers/grills offering very little cooking space. Then I happened to come across Big Dawg Smokers online and was instantly intrigued. The quality and craftsmanship are unmatched. Ever since I got one, all of my friends and family wanna come over and cook out just so they can use the smoker/grill. Great for long smoke outs as well as everyday grilling. I would highly recommend Big Dawg Smokers. Worth every penny.


I have used Traegers and Green Mountain Smokers, nothing bad to say about either one, but the Big Dawg Smoker is the best damn thing I have ever smoked with and or BBQed with, yes you can do both! I will be deep pitting a Turkey next. The true smoke flavor of the Big Dawg smokes your favorite meats making your pallet wanting more, it’s nice looking, easy to store, uses coals which you can buy anywhere anytime, no electrical cords, and are custom made one at a time with hard work and love going into each of them.


I was introduced to Big Dawg Smokers through a Co-Worker of mine. I already had a gas grill that I loved but I was interested in the unique look and craftsmanship of the Big Dawg Smokers Barrel Smoker. I went ahead and made the purchase and I do not regret it one bit. My favorite part about this smoker is the flavor that I have not been able to get in any other product. Its heat source is charcoal which provides great flavor off the jump. Couple that with the flavor of wine and oak wood time after time again and it is simply amazing!


we are obsessed with using our smoker. we have tried numerous proteins, as well as fruits and veggies. they all taste awesome. hello smoked peaches! also delish with the pork belly, just sayin’. will smoke year round, weather permitting:)

Allison Smith

Best BBQ Smoker I’ve ever purchased. I wouldn’t say I’m a pit master but I can cook up some mean ribs. I got mine for Christmas and already used it 2 times. The flavor, style and experience is something that you simply can’t get with any other BBQ. I’m telling all of my friends!

Richard H.

Really great BBQ Smoker. You can do long 12 hour smokes for brisket as an example all the way down to a couple of hours for some sausages. The cool part is, you can use this as a regular bbq also. You just raise your heat source to the second cooking level and you can gril up anything from burgers to hot dogs while still having over 350 sq inches of cooking space. I used this to cook all of the food for my sons birthday recently and we were able to cook up enough grub for 12 hungry boys and me and my wife and thats just on the top cooking surface. Great product!


Awesome smoker and awesome company. I love to see family owned company’s do great things. One of the owners even delivered my smoker personally on a Saturday of all things. One of a kind smoker that You can’t find anywhere else.


I surprised my husband with a Big Dawg Smoker a few weeks ago as an early Father’s Day gift. I say early as I could not wait till June. It’s that awesome! I had looked at many other smokers, but nothing else compared to the BDS. The look of this very unique smoker and out of this world flavor is something to talk about. We’ve smoked chicken, tri-tip and ribs and am looking forward to many other things. We were looking for a barbecue experience and that we have found. Thanks so much BDS!!

Dee Vasquez

Awesome smoker. Charcoal heat source for great flavor. Oh and I finally have something my friends don’t!

Joel Savoy