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Aged Wine Oak BBQ Smoking Chunks 100% Natural
100% Natural Aged Wine Oak Smoking Chunks.

Aged Wine Oak BBQ Smoking Chunks 100% Natural

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Enrich Your Smoking Flavor With Big Dawg Smokers’ 100% Natural Aged Wine Oak  Smoking Chunks. Each Batch Of Wood Is Made From Real Red Wine Barrels That Have Been Aged To Perfection. Enhance Your Smoking Experience By Adding These Chunks Onto Already Lit Charcoal In The Cast Iron Dutch Oven Of Your Big Dawg Smokers Handcrafted Wine Barrel Smoker. Once The Wood Is Heated, The Aromas Will Gradually Fill Your Meats Keeping Them Tender And Juicy. 

Big Dawg Smokers. Enrich, Enhance and Enjoy.

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